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La Bella VSE 946 - Electric

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The technology behind La Bella Vapor Shield™ is unlike any other string. The entire surface and full-length of all strings are treated with a nucleated polymer vapor material that requires hours of complex prep and processing; no spraying or dipping. The results are unmatched:

TONE: BRIGHTER than typical coated strings and non-treated strings. Unlike traditional coated strings, Vapor Shield™ plain steel and wound strings are treated, resulting in even tone.

FEEL: The Ionic Vapor Process™ improves the string's surface properties, resulting in SMOOTHER plain steel and wound strings vs. both typical coated and non-treated strings.

LIFE-SPAN: Lasts 5x longer than non-treated strings.

ENDURANCE: No flaking after extended play. Impervious to grime, tarnishing and oil residue.

  • Nickel-Plated Round Wound & Plain Steel treated with Ionic Vapor Process™
  • Slick mutated surface is resistant to oil and grime
  • Tension: Light
  • String Gauges: .009, .011, .016, .026W, .036, .046
  • Made in the USA with American Wire
  • Packaged using MAP Technology (Modified Atmosphere Packaging) to prevent tarnishing and ensure freshness